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Founder of Xtend Games, leader at ERGO insurance, intrapreneur with ApolloProtocol. Professional actor with a keen interest in manifesting value within the NFT industry


Founded GoGerak games and valuable member of the Epic Games developer community for UE4 with 10 years web development and programming experience


Founded URBN WPNS, Ouch Insurance and Polymath - with more than 12 years of active contributions to the creative industry


Founder & CEO of R1 (blockchain training) and Neuroware (blockchain infrastructure) with over 15 years of experience building Fintech Apps

Our mission is to continue fostering collaboration between creatives with a vision to create global gaming infrastructure on the blockchains. In the process of achieving this mission, we hope to educate and inspire a new generation of developers to explore distributed technologies and artistic self-ownership.


MatterMade simplifies the process of generating, storing and showcasing interactive NFTs made to matter.



Bloqverse is a blockchain based social roleplaying game designed to showcase the functionality of MatterMade